Services Offered by Mountain Valley Chiropractic

Specific Chiropractic Adjustments

Mountain Valley Chiropractic bases its care on specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments. Our goal with this care is to reduce and remove interference from your nervous system, known as subluxation. 

Your body has an “innate” ability to be healthy, so long as the controlling mechanism, the nervous system, is free from interference. Subluxations are a major cause of interference to the function of your nervous system. With time and repetition, our goal is to correct subluxations and allow your body to return to good health naturally and without drugs.

Nutritional Consultation

We understand that your body needs quality nutrition in order to turn what you eat into healthy tissue. What you eat or drink will have a major impact on your overall health. It is our goal to help educate you about food choices and why they matter. By making healthy food and beverage choices you can not only improve your overall health but also decrease healing time from an injury and also help prevent subluxations from reoccurring.

We schedule specific appointments designed to create a customized plan to address your specific needs.

Reading and Interpreting X-Rays/Imaging

Before beginning care or while under the course of care it may be necessary to refer you to a qualified professional to take x-rays or other imaging in order to assess the condition of your spine or other specified area of anatomy. You may also present with recent, outside imaging and have it professionally read or interpreted by Mountain Valley Chiropractic.

Techniques and Specialties offered by Mountain Valley Chiropractic:

  • Activator
  • Full Spine/Diversified (Manual Adjusting)
  • SOT/Cranial Adjusting, TMJ
  • Manual Muscle Testing, Applied Kinesiology
  • Pregnancy/Webster Technique
  • Pediatrics